"Zimbabwe." (2020)

"Running Away With It - Liverpool."(2020).

"No Woman No Cry" (2019).

 "Angel Eyes Remix  (2018).

" Champions of Europe Liverpool," (2018).

"Maybe Tomorrow"  (2018)..

"Who Is It"  (2018).

 "Unite Forget About The Fight" (2018)  


"No Woman No Cry" (2019).

"Africa Unite" (2018)

"Guiltiness" (2017)


 "Float- A Tribute to Muhammed Ali."(2016).

TheSolution - EP (2015) Download, Famous Records

1. The Solution, 2.Happy Birthday Today 3.No More War. 4 Babylon City, 5. What You Gonna Do. 


Yes it's Christmas (2013) Single   Download,

No More War (2013) Single  Download,

They Don't Care About Us - Tribute to Michael Jackson - REMIX by Clinark. EP. MP3 Download. (2013) Nurture Projects Music.

They Don't Care About Us - Dub.

They Don't Care About Us - Version.

They Don't Care About Us -Original Cover Version. 


'Babylon City 'on  MP3  Download  Released 16 April 2012. 

Album:  Journey to Foreign Deluxe Edition & Digital Download  Released 2011.

 A Tribute to Michael Jackson A Legend and A Warrior - Clinark. CD  Album & Download Released Nov 2010. 

CD Single & MP3 Download: 'Smile.'  Triute to Michael Jackson by Clinark. Release Date: Dec 2009.

CD Single &  MP3 Download: I’ll Be There – Clinark Feat Adele Hartley Release Date: August 2009. 

Album: Journey To Foreign CD  & MP3 Format - Clinark .Label: Nurture Projects Music (Indie) Released Nov 2008.


1. Life In The Ghetto Remix Clinark Feat. Gramps Morgan & Peter Heritage

(C.Dill/JL Edwards/R. Morgan/P. Morgan)Nurture Projects BMI/ASCAP/ACOA/Heartical 

2. Nowhere TV (Clinark Feat. Fantan Mojah) (C.Dill/JLEdwards/O.Moncrieffe)Nurture/BMI 

3. Aint That Something (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI.

4. Living In Concrete Jungle (Clinark Feat Richie Spice) (C.Dill/JLEdwards/ R.Bonner/M.Bonner)Nurture/Universal. 

5. Journey To Foreign (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI .

6. Choices (Clinark)(C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI .

7. Angel Eyes (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards/L.Heywood/D.Heywood) Nuture/BMI/Mafflux Songs . 

8. As A Man I Weep (Clinark Feat. Maxi Priest) MAXI PRIEST & MAX ELLIOTT appear Courtesy Of Level Vibes Records Ltd.

(C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI/ Level Vibes Records Ltd. (COSCAP)Vocal Production (Maxi): Livingstone Brown at The Boogie Lab. 

9. Beautiful Island Remix (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI. 

10. Sign Of The Times (Clinark Feat Troy Anthony) (C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI 

11. Colonized Remix (Clinark) C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI 

12. Vision (Clinark(C.Dill/JL Edwards)Nurture/BMI 

13. Oh What A Blessing (Clinark)(C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI 

14. Brown Eyes (Clinark Feat Kofi) (C.Dill/JL Edwards) Nurture/BMI/Mafflux. 

15. Runaway Remix (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI. 

16. Dem Come Remix 2008(Clinark)(C.Dill) Nurture/BMI 

17. Glorify (Clinark Feat. Luciano) (C.Dill/JLEdwards/ J.W. McClymont) Nurture/BMI/Jahmessenjah. 

18. Its True (Clinark Feat. Irie Love) (C.Dill/JLEdwards/I.Richards)Nurture /BMI/ ASCAP/Irielove Music. 

19. Inspiration Prayer Remix (Clinark Feat. Brinsley Forde) .(C.Dill/JLEdwards/B.Forde)Nurture /BMI/ASCAP. 

20. Lord’s Prayer Remix (Clinark)Trad/Music Arranged by C.Dill) Nurture/BMI.  

 Album: Clinark Live in Holland with Poor Man Friend Band. Venue: Groene-Engel, Oss, Holland, May 5th 2006. 

Label: Nurture Projects

Released Dec 2006 Format: CD & MP3


1.     HEATHEN     (R. Marley)

2.     DEM COME (Clinarke Dill)

3.     LIFE IN THE GHETTO   (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)

4.     RUNAWAY     (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)

5.     COLONISED (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)

6.     BEAUTIFUL ISLAND (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)

7.     FIRE BUN (Written by Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)

8.     INSPIRATION PRAYER (Clinarke Dill & Juliet L Edwards)

9.     LORD’S PRAYER (Trad/Arrangement by Clinarke Dill) . 

Single: Dem Come   (Vinyl)

Written by Clinarke Dill   -Sung under the name of 'Dillinjah' Released:   2004,   Label: Dread Unity.


Youth Creation Pic 3

Album: Jah’s on our Side   Format: CD, Youth Creation Band Released 1987 ,Label: EDMAR  8 tracks on the album, Clinark wrote these 4 songs and sang as lead.

1. The love that I feel

2. We must fight against apartheid

3. World-wide problems.

4. Drug Population



 Single: Come In a De Land Format :( Vinyl)Youth Creation Band. Released 1985