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(September 01, 2015)

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Clinark's new Michael Jackson Tribute - Off The Wall


I hope you will join me in commemerating the birthday of the late Michael Jackson. It would have been his 57th Birthday on 29 th of August 2015.  It is six years since he passed away on 25 June 2009. It has now  become a tradition for me to cover his songs on this occassion and that of his passinh.I have released a new single and video tribute (below).The song is :"Off The Wall." . Again I did it with a "Reggae Twist" This time I worked onthe vocals,production and  on keyboards and MJ fan and dancer  “Sylvia A" on backing vocals Amd she also supplied some footage as well as dancing in the video.

Special thanks to Elena Romanenkova the Michael Jackson Impersonator.Thanks to Raffaella Piccirillo from Italy. Thanks to Albert de Lugt of MIchael Jackson Fans of Netherlands  for donating his wonderful and  massive personal collection  of MJ memoribilia for the video .And also fellow Big MJ fan Katrina Jackson from California. Special respect to my manager Juliet Edwards for all the hard work she does. Much blessings and respect to all ONE LOVE MJ FOREVER Happy Birthday MICHAEL. 

Please chaeck out the video YouTube/NurtureProjects The song will be available to download shortly on iTunes, Amazon and major download stores, for $0.99 and less. Thank you for your support. Please share my music and video with your family and friends. 



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