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Clinark's No1 On Reverbnation!

(March 25, 2015)

A message from Clinark.


You made me  No1 in the Reverbnation Reggae Chart! 

I just want to say thanks to all of you that have made me No1 on the London Reverbnation Chart, No2 in the National Chart and No. 7 globally. With my new album "The Solution" drawing in more new fans every day it's been a great feeling to get the recognition for my work and that of Juliet Edwards, my managar at Nurture Projects Music. 

On a personal note, some of you may already know I have been laid low with a recurrence of Veritgo (dizziness) for several months. However I am working with top specialists at University College London (UCLH) and so far I have been able to manage the symptoms. ( I am greatfull to North Mid Hospital for that too). So now I am ready to do some more gigs as I know you have all been inisisting on seeing me perform more reqularly.

Thanks for being a fan. Please tell your friends about my work and ask them to join my mailing list for free downloads and offers from time to time. The free download at the moment is 'The Lord's Prayer" in Reggae from my debut album " Clinark Live in Holland."  This is a special dedication to Bermuda Radio Broadcaster Don Bassett on Power 95 radio who always plays this song at the end of his show every time I listen. Its a ten minute track, that goes dubwise ...I think he has a nice drink and a nap for the duration!. Bless up Don Bassett! 

- Clinark
Oh and please keep pushing your local dj's to play my music, Thanks Again 

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