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Press Release: Clinark release: Live in Holland CD

(December 01, 2006)
Clinark Live in Holland with Poor Man FriendPress Release  
1st December 2006. 

By popular demand Clinark – ‘The Reggae Torch,’ has just released a live debut album, entitled.

‘Clinark live in Holland with Poor Man Friend Band.’ recorded. Bermudian singer, writer, producer Clinark is re-igniting the reggae torch as an international artist. Currently he is promoting this surprising new release. 

Promo CD’s of Clinark’s recent Holland tour are available by request from  email : [email protected].

Clinark has taken a brave step as an Independent and has created his own record label , distribution & publishing house under Nurture Projects.  Read Clinark’s biog on . He also has shop and online store,  The  ‘Clinark Live in Holland ‘ CD  is available  world wide  from  December 2006  from :Online shops : &

MP3 Download and CD also available from

Bermuda Stockist  will be : Music World , Dub City , Sound Stage and Music Box.


High Res pics available courtesy or


Promo CD’S available for review

For further information contact Juliet Edwards,Nurture Projects : 07931 699 369 or 0208 804 2367 or email:[email protected]


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