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Voted No1 Single 2005

(December 21, 2005)
  • Natty Dread Magazine voted ‘Dem Come’ as the no.1 of the top five singles in the Best of UK in 2005 category.
  • Clinarks New Album: Journey .Planned Release date: May 2006


  • Single ‘Dem Come’ Dread Unity Label 2004/5

         Artist: ‘Dill-in-Jah’ aka Clinark


Clinark’s latest release is Dem Come, which he sang under the name of ‘Dillinjah’ on the Dread Unity label in 2004. This was a truly modern day cyber production with Clinark writing and voicing tracks in Bermuda and the production being done in the UK.


 Such was the success for the ‘DemCome’; a new version will appear on the Clinark's new ‘Journey’ album in 2006. Another sure fire hit single from this collaboration, ‘Fire Bun’ is on line for release in 2006. 



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