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Clinark-The Reggae Torch releases cover of Jackson 5 classic "I'll Be There

(August 03, 2009)
Clinark-The Reggae Torch releases cover of Jackson 5 classic   "I'll Be There

Nurture Projects Music is pleased to announce its latest release.



Clinark-The Reggae Torch releases cover of Jackson 5 classic   "I'll Be There" Clinark Feat. Adele Harley

Clinark delights fans with the release of this outstanding cover of the Jackson 5 hit single, I'll Be There,' featuring Adele Harley, He brings an outstanding rendition of this modern classic. He is still rising high with his current album ‘Journey to Foreign’ but says he was inspired to do this song. Clinark said ` The Jackson 5 were one of my favourite groups as a youth. I was just harping back to those days and sang a long a bit to the song and then my manager, Juliet Edwards  heard it and said I might as well record it for later. Well by the time I had the first demo vocal I was driven and by the time I had finished, Dillie and Mafia and Fluxy and Stanley Andrews had built this amazing track and to top it all Adele Harley came up with these amazing vocals.’

Sadly 4 days after announcing the pre-release of the song, the world heard that Michael Jackson had died. Clinark said ‘I am truly devastated to hear of Michael Jackson’s passing, the world has certainly lost the most gifted entertainer of all time. I have dedicated the track in memory of him.’ The single is available now on MP3 download from and from ITunes, Napster, and CD Baby, Amazon etc this month. The tracks are released under Clinark’s own label, Nurture Projects Music. Look out for the accompanying music video, due out shortly.

New Single CD single track list:

(a) I'll Be There Clinark Feat. Adele Harley -Radio Mix (4.17)

(b) I'll Be There Clinark Feat Adele Harley- Rub a Dub mix (4.17)

(c) I'll Be There Clinark Feat Adele Harley - Acapella mix (4.17)



(d) I'll Be There Clinark Feat Adele - Version (4.17)


Clinark feat. Adele Harley

Style: Lovers Rock/Reggae                   

Release Date: 4 August 2009

Format: Digital Download & CD single                       

Duration: 4.17

Distributor:   Nurture Projects Distribution


Drums: Dave ‘Fluxy’ Heywood, Bass: Leroy ‘Mafia’ Heywood, Riddim and Lead Guitar: Stanley Andrews. Backing Vocals: Adele Harley, Recording Engineer: Carlton ‘Dillie’ Mcleod, Mixed at Stingray Studio by: Carlton ‘Dillie’ McLeod, Recorded at Stingray Studio UK,

Produced by Clinark, ‘Mafia’ and ‘Fluxy’ Executive Producer: Clinark Dill, Nurture Projects Music. Mastered by Kevin Reeves at UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP NYC.

Written by B. Gordy/W. Hutch/B. West/H. Davis


 (c) 2009 Nurture Projects Music

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