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Clinarks - Journey to Foreign Album to be release in September 08

(June 14, 2008)
 Breaking News -  June 08  Nurture Projects presents Clinark's Journey to Foreign Album: Release Date set for September 08

Singer, songwriter and composer Clinark, aka  'The Reggae Torch' says its an honour to work with these artists, the project has been such hard work, along journey, pain and hardship to get the this point.'The  'Journey to Foreign' album project is blessed with a lot of support from the reggae fraternity,' says Juliet Edwards, Nurture Projects Manager and songwriter

Pictures at Stingray studios UK at the Recording of Clinarks Journey to Foreign album with the producers  Mafia and Fluxy, Guitarist Stanley Andrews of Aswad fame Guitarist, a wonderful bredda ,the engineer Dillie at Stingray studios , the sweet backing vocals of Kofi and Barbara Knapp as Mafia says' Pair a Voice' or the 'I-Twos' as Clinark and Fluxy call them.  The Project is going great, soon to be finished in the next few weeks and ready for the world late summer.   Fresh good reggae Music for the masses!
sting ray studio Dillie Engineer and Clinark

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