Clinark Calls For "The Solution"

(December 01, 2014)

Concious Reggae artist, Clinark stirs it up with his new song from same titled album,"The Solution."

Clinark The Solution Album front cover

Clinark (born Clinarke Dill,) is a Reggae and R&B singer, songwriter, musician and producer. He was born on the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean and resides in London England. Dill .He is best known for his single 'Dem Come'(2004), albums a Tribute to Michael Jackson a Legend and a Warrior (2009) and his début studio album 'Journey to Foreign(2008).


Clinark, has a new EP available from 11 November 2014 on pre-release on the Famous Records label. The project includes 2 new songs. The conscious title track, "The Solution” calls for a "Rebel-U-tion" for the world, with self penned lyrics:


" Mothers and fathers, losing sons, to the guns,


The world is big enough for every one.


So many people suffering in poverty now


World leaders, pay just for the gun now


Give them help. Give them strength.


Give them hope. Give them love now."


The " Solution" is in the same vein as "Babylon City." This is about the Summer Riots in 2011 and the sequel “No More War.” Both of these tracks are included in this album. Also included is the new Lovers Rock song on the "Unification Riddim" entitled "What You Gonna Do?" A re-working with new lyrics of his MJ tribute song “Happy Birthday Today” in a Soulful House style is also included. The five track album includes collaborations with House of Riddim and One Harmony Records.


The Solution album is available now on iTunes UK, iTunes USA, Amazon, Juno downloads and various digital stores. Streaming available on Spotify. More information is available at


Promo copies available. Clinark is available for interviews and media bookings.


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