"They Don’t Care About Us - A Tribute to Michael Jackson.” New Remix and Music Video by Clinark.

(February 24, 2013)

They Dont Care About Us. Cover by Clinark

“They Don’t Care About Us - A Tribute to Michael
Jackson.” New Remix and Music Video by Clinark.

Clinark's new EP and music video to be released,
featuring ”Thrill The World London,” dance
organisation, Michael Jackson tribute dancer, Elena
Romanenkova and cameo from, Callum 'Mitch' Jackson.

Reggae singer, Clinark is set to release a new EP,
“They Don’t Care About Us - A Tribute to Michael
Jackson.” and music video on 26 February 2013. It
is a new Remix of his previous cover.The track
features new Dubs and an instrumental versions. It
will be available on digital download on his
Nurture Projects Music label on iTunes, Amazon and
many online stores.

Clinark, (pronounced Klin_ark) achieved prominence
for his album “Tribute to Michael Jackson - A
Legend and a Warrior,” (2010).This included the
previously released single “I’ll Be There.” It was
released just 4 days before Jackson’s death in June
2009. The choice of the remixed single ‘They Don’t
Care About Us, was made because it was the most
popular song on his Tribute album. The album was
nominated in Best British Album category by the
British Reggae Industry Awards(BRIA). Clinark was
also nominated for Best British Newcomer. The long
awaited music video will also be premiered on
Nurture’s YouTube Channel.

The video was directed and produced by Chris
Cargill of D.O.F 4:13 Productions. Clinark has
previously worked with this team on earlier video
projects including;"I'll Be There" and "Life in the
Ghetto." The main choreographer was the Boogie
Woman, from ”Thrill The World London,” the dance
organisation which hosts the worldwide simultaneous
dance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” She also
directed some of the scenes in the video. Her dance
troop of children and young adults were filmed on
location at the Kilburn Festival, London (2012).

Elena Romanenkova Elena Romanenkova

Look out for the captivating guest appearance of
Elena Romanenkova, Michael Jackson tribute dancer
and impersonator. She also choreographed and
directed her own scenes on location in Ukraine.



callum mitch jacksonMusician/singer, Callum 'Mitch' Jackson

Callum 'Mitch' Jackson makes a cameo appearance in the video

as guitar player. 

alongside Clinark.

This new release follows on from Clinark’s last
single “Babylon City (2012). It was his self-penned
message for the youth about the previous riots in
nearby Tottenham. He was born in Bermuda, where he
was in a series of successful Reggae bands. He now
resides in Edmonton, North London.

Clinark voiced and produced the re-mixed tracks at
Blue Pro Studios in London, UK, working with
Engineer, John Webber, . His first cover of this
song was recorded at Stingray’s “Big House” Studio
in London in 2010. The credits are as follows for
“They Don’t Care About Us - A Tribute to Michael
Jackson:”Executive Producer: Clinark (C.DILL)
NURTURE PROJECTS MUSIC. Lead Vocal: Clinark / Bass:
Leroy "Mafia" Heywood / Drums: Dave "Fluxy" Heywood
/ Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Stanley Andrew / B. Vocals:
Barbara Nap & C.Dill / Engineer: Carlton "Dillie"
McLeod / The original single was released in 1996
from Michael Jackson’s Album: HIStory :Past Present
and Future, Book 1.This is the original publishing

Clinark 's previous album “Journey to Foreign -
Deluxe Edition “( 2011) also received second round
nominations for Best British Album by BRIA for his
classic Reggae, Roots, Culture and Lovers Rock
album. Both edition’s of the album,
‘Journey...’(2008)’ includes collaborations on some
of the songs with Maxi Priest, Richie Spice,
Luciano, Kofi, Brinsley Forde (Aswad) Irie Love,
Fantan Mojah, Gramps Morgan & Peetah Heritage and
Troy Anthony. His song from the album “Better
Tomorrow” featuring Maxi Priest won a nomination as
Song of the Year, (2009)

Clinark says,“I am still overwhelmed that my fans
who have supported me through difficult times of
late. “ (He suffered a recent loss of a sibling
coupled with a resurgence of Vertigo symptoms.) He
continues “The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson were a
major musical influence and inspiration to me as I
grew up. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson, The Greatest
Entertainer of All Time.”

Fans can see Clinark make a rare appearance at The
unveiling of the 2.1 m high statue of Michael
Jackson on 11 May 2013, in Mistelbach Austria.

Promo copies of “They Don’t Care About Us - A
Tribute to Michael Jackson - Remix,” can be
obtained by request. Please
email:[email protected].

Nurture Projects Music
Juliet Edwards
+4407985 348151

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